Pros and Cons of No Download Online Casinos

No download online casinos, flash gambling websites or instant play casinos are gambling websites, such as the, that do not require software installation before you could play games, such as slot, roulette or dice, among others. But if you’re looking for information on what could be their pros and cons, keep reading and learn today.


Easy signup process: Before playing in a flash casino, you only need to complete the membership process, wherein you will need to enter your personal and bank account number. Then, follow the next instructions from the customer support to complete the procedure, which usually takes less the time, as compared to going to a land-based casino and spending time on travel and driving to and from the location.

Play anywhere: This can be one of the pros of a flash gambling site that players appreciate about it, as compared to software download in which you always need to play in the device where you have installed it.

No hardware space taken: If you were to download software, remember that it takes computer or mobile device memory. And if you simply don’t like the idea, you can play straight in a no download casino.

Play on the mobile version: If you are not home but you still want to play, flash gambling sites give you this option.  So even if you are on the road, on the bus or in a friend’s house, you can simply proceed to the mobile version of the site and play without any hassles. All you need to do is to enter your log in details and you’re all good!

Big bonuses: Without even going to land-based casinos, you can receive bonuses into your account. Some of these include signup bonus, reloading bonus and top player bonus. From time to time, you can also receive and participate in special promos.

Rules: Online casino versions comply with the same standard rules as implemented in their brick and mortar counterparts. Thus, you can have peace of mind of fair game mechanics and rules as what you can expect in a land-based gambling venue.

Convenience: As mentioned, playing anywhere and anytime is one of the top rewards of playing on the web, such as at the From anywhere there is an internet connection, you can keep yourself engaged in the games and enjoy your session all you want!  There is no stopping you from playing in a 24/7 venue like a no download casino. Aside from that, you don’t have to suffer from smoke, loud music and noise from other players if you’re gambling online and you don’t need to tip anyone.

No malware or virus: By playing on the web and not having to install software, you can eliminate the worry of installing an app that carries a virus or malware that could infect your system.

Better technical support vs. casino apps:  In the event of a glitch or problem, the tech support of a website is more reliable than the support of their software counterparts, because it is easier to troubleshoot a website than downloaded software.


Money isn’t received in an instant: Unlike in a land-based casino, it takes 24 hours or weeks, depending on the payment method before you could receive winnings from a flash gambling site.

Customer care may be a problem: There may be some online gambling websites that do not have a strong customer support via email, chat or phone. Thus, it would be wise to check on this factor before joining a casino on the web.

Player abuse may be a problem: While the web casino business is competitive, they also suffer from player abuse. In this case, many of them try to protect each other by sharing blacklists of members suspected of abuse or fraud.

There you have the pros and cons of no download casinos that you may have to look into before playing on the web. But it looks like the pros outweigh the cons; thus, it is may be overall safe, convenient and satisfying to play on web casinos like

Playing with Casino Bonuses Online – A Beginner’s Guide

The casino industry is a competitive field in itself and all the more when it has opened its doors on the web. Today, finding a web casino is common; in fact, there may be over thousands online. And with one being launched almost every single day, operators are always thinking of ways on how to grow their member base. And as you may know, one of the ways that they could actually do it is to offer bonus money. What is it? It is basically a bonus given to new members, loyal member or top players and every bonus is added to a player’s bankroll, increasing his betting power.

A Note about Casino Online Bonus

Remember that some casinos won’t pay a bonus, unless you meet a certain wagering requirement—or the betting minimum on online casino games. Wager requirements are also called Terms and Conditions or Play Through. So before engaging in any casino on the web and playing, you should read the terms and conditions before signing up.

Play Casino Online with Bonus

Signup Bonus/Welcome Bonus

It is an incentive given to new members who opened an account to play with the casino. The bonus may be 15% or even higher, varying from one casino to another. Thus, compare several casinos and study your options well before signing up for the bonus. And again, read the terms and conditions before anything else. Take note that almost all bonuses are linked to wagering requirements before you’ll be allowed to withdraw.

*A welcome bonus levels range from 50% and 500% and some casinos specify a coupon or bonus code to claim a bonus.

No Deposit

This may be one of the best bonuses, especially for novice players who want to try casinos free, without them making an initial deposit. Also, the no deposit bonus allows players to win money.

Matching Deposit Bonus

As the term implies, this type of bonus is an amount that matches the deposit a player made. So for example, you will have $300 to play with if you made a $150 deposit. That sounds exciting, don’t you think? But then again, read the terms and conditions linked with this bonus in order to avoid any frustration in the end. After all, it is always better to be informed earlier than to feel frustrated later.

Percentage Bonus

While it’s not as big as the machine bonus, it is still good free money, don’t you think? (E.g. A casino will deposit an extra 50% on top of the money you deposit with them). Still, this amount adds to your bankroll, giving you more betting opportunities.

Reloading Bonus

This is another way of an online casino to attract players and keep them playing with their casino. It’s their way of keeping loyal customers who they want to return and make further deposits into their casino. In some cases, casinos offer a monthly reload bonus to their members, but again, you have to ask the casino about it.

VIP Programs/Loyalty Bonus

Web casinos also offer loyalty or VIP programs that reward player when they place a bet. By being a member of this program, you will earn points automatically as you play. And then you will climb up their VIP levels depending on the amount of money you have deposited. When you reached the VIP level, you will be entitled to receive loyalty bonuses, which are usually more attractive than a typical reload bonus.
There you have a quick preview on the types of bonuses you may be entitled to get when you play online Genting Casino. But again, read and understand the terms and conditions linked to each type of bonus so that you will get the most out of your gaming experience and earn more as you play in a reputable gambling site.