October 30, 2022

Results for Mega Millions October 14 Draw is Out Producing Two Jackpot Prize Winners

Finally, on October 15, the wait was over for the players who had participated in the October 14 Mega Millions draw.

The draw was nothing less than a huge shocker for the entire lottery community filling them up with joy and happiness.

The October 14 had caught the eye of many because it was offering a great jackpot prize money to anyone willing to participate.

Finally, the game was able to produce multiple winners and things got extremely interesting when two players won the jackpot prize money.

October 14 Draw Details

The draw for the Mega Millions game was held on October 14. All the players participating in the draw had to match the numbers versus the drawn numbers that were 44-41-26-22-9.

The megaball number from the particular draw was 19 and the megaplier draw was 2X, which could double the prize money of the participants except for the jackpot prize.

The annuity jackpot prize money for the draw was a whopping $502 million while the cash prize was $252 million.

This meant that the players participating in the Mega Millions draw through online lottery or through the traditional channels would take home $252 as a lump sum.

If they decided to go for the annuity, they would receive $502 million in a span of multiple decades. To everyone’s surprise, the players went for the annuity prize money and have won $251 million each.

Two Winners Won the Jackpot

It was extremely surprising for the entire lottery community that the jackpot prize was won by not just one but two players.

The first player was from Florida while the second player was from California. As both players went with the annuity jackpot prize money, they were to split the $502 million.

Both player had matched all the primary numbers plus the megaball to win the $502 million jackpot prize. Each player winning the jackpot ended up taking home $251 million from the draw.

The draw has also produced 2 players who took home $2 million each and 1 player who took home $1 million.

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