November 10, 2019

Why Online Bingo is MORE Social than Playing in a Hall

Online Bingo Gaming

How can something played online, in “virtual reality”, be more social than playing a game in a room with real people and real objects I hear you asking. It sounds almost insane to suggest such a thing, but modern technology has actually made online gaming as social – if not more social – than playing the traditional forms of the game, especially in the case of the likes of bingo.

Mobile and tablet apps, along with much better and user-friendly websites, have made online bingo sites more popular than ever with users able to access them anytime, anywhere. Some sites do their own advertising, like Foxy Bingo who sponsor prime-time shows in the UK like Emmer dale, while others work with bingo comparison websites like Two Big Ladies to showcase their games and offers to attract new players with all kinds of incentives and opportunities to play for fun – or big money.

In addition to the thrill and excitement of playing games, users can also take advantage of the live chat features when they play on a website. In your typical bingo hall, players might go along with a group of friends, or maybe even on their own, looking to have some fun – maybe a bite to eat and a drink too – and, of course, to try and win some money. However, this doesn’t guarantee them a social day or night out because, for the majority of the playing time, you’re not interacting as the caller is shouting out the numbers and you’re focussed on marking them off on your card.

With the online versions, however, a lot of games are run automatically and you can sit and chat with your friends or family while the game takes care of itself. The online chat feature allows players to talk with each other, especially if it’s a group of you and your friends playing the same game at the same time, and then you can share in each other’s wins even if you can’t get together because of other commitments.

Similarly, you can interact with complete strangers and talk with them about the game you’re playing, other sites that you both like and just about anything else you might want to discuss with a complete stranger – who could become a new friend.

At the end of the day, the majority of people playing the games online are doing so because they’re short of time, they’ve been told about a great deal or because they prefer it to the traditional halls. Everyone is different and has their own preference when it comes to playing games, either on mobile apps, websites or in person, but many consider online gaming to be a way of interacting with new or different people – and is ideal for those looking for that interaction but who may not have the time to go out and do it, or may not have the social skills to do so. You can talk and have fun with anybody on the web, and playing games is often the excuse to get out and do it.

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